Baltimore MD

Anybody interested in starting a club or discussion grp
Any further activity in the Baltimore area? I'd be interested in getting together with agoners in the area as I get back on the merry go round!!

Hi Mike,

It's been nearly a year since our initial (and only) meeting. I'd say we're way overdue for another one.

I'll volunteer to host one sometime in the near future. (I live in Baltimore city.) My availability is generally best on weekends.

Any date preferences for the next month or so?

I'm interested, but my time is fairly limited. I wanted to get involved the last go-round, but other obligations prevented me. My time is still pretty limited, but my interest is still alive. If people are still meeting and getting together for listening sessions and audio talk, I'm game. My attendance may be irregular, but I'm willing to give a shot if others are. Hope there is still some activity with the club. Kartracer, if no one else replies, feel free to send me a private email if you just want to make some contact with another obsessive compulsive audiophile. Thanks.
Ditto what Hartweger said; I'm very interested as well. I'm in the Catonsville area.
OK, how about meeting at my house in Baltimore (Highlandtown) on the afternoon of either Sunday October 1 or Saturday Sept 23? Votes for either date?