Baltimore MD

Anybody interested in starting a club or discussion grp
Just a reminder, I'm having a meeting at my place in Baltimore on Sunday around 3pm. Send me an e-mail if you need my address or directions.

I look forward to meeting additional Baltimore area audiophiles!

So, did you guys get together? If so, what did you listen to/talk about? I should be available this weekend if we want to try again. Unfortunately my personal budget just got a big hit, so my upgrade path is going to be a l-o-n-g one. :(

Just me at Micheal's house, drank some wine talked and listened for almost four hours.
We are going to meet at my house next month. I live in the Hamilton area
Paul is a great guy and I had a very good time with him. He introduced me to some of his music. I look forward to going to his place next month. Hopefully more people will be able to make it then, too.

Hi Guys. Any more talk of a November get together? I am about to pull the trigger on a McCormack DNA-225 (used) and a Bel Canto Pre2P (new from Underwood Wally.) If these are bad moves, TELL ME NOW! (jes' kiddin) ;)