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Anybody interested in starting a club or discussion grp
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Hello Baltimore Audiophile
so far we, Michael and I have met once at his house. I was goingto have the next meetingat my house in November but I had to put it off until after the holidays. so we will try again in January.
There was one other that seemed interested but did not show up.
so be sure to tag this thread to be an e-mail notice and we will see what happens in January
Happy Holidaze Bawlmore! Can we start thinking about a get together? Fortunately in the last two months, I have upgraded to the point I'm not embarrassed to host a meeting. My system now consists of a Music Hall CD25.2 with Underwood Level 1+ mods (bought new) and the following stock pieces picked up used from Agon: Bel Canto Pre2P, McCormack DNA-225, Von Schweikert VR 4jrs (properly loaded with 50lbs of lead shot in each.) Also have an old Technics TT with an unknown cartridge, but it doesn't sound too bad. Oh yeah, for Christmas, Santa (yours truly) also brought Signal cable power cords for cdp, pre and power amps and Silver Resolution interconnects between cdp and pre; and pre and power amps. And two dedicated 20 amp circuits to go with one almost dedicated one. All are wearing Porter Ports.

Unfortunately, speaker cable is still 20-year old Monster cable multistrand copper, so that is the next upgrade. Maybe someone (Bob, how about your Satori's!) will bring a pair over for some comparisons. Also, since I sort of integrated the 2-channel system with my home theater, the run from the amp to my left speaker is about 18 feet. I can pull the components out of their cabinets for some cable swapping.

So, once the holiday hussle and bustle is over, who's game?

Merry/Happy to all the B'Morian's.

Be happy to offer the Acoustic Zen Satori Shotguns for evaluation, just a reminder, they're 6 footers.

But what you really want to hear is my Supratek Preamp, once those monstorous cables are replaced. Sweet tube joy with a great bottom end.
Rather than sit here and cry about the Raven's loss, I figured I'd do something productive and propose that we meet sometime in the next couple of months.

Paul and MikeB have already proposed hosting a meeting.

Does anyone have any suggestions of dates that would work well?