Baltimore MD

Anybody interested in starting a club or discussion grp
Rather than sit here and cry about the Raven's loss, I figured I'd do something productive and propose that we meet sometime in the next couple of months.

Paul and MikeB have already proposed hosting a meeting.

Does anyone have any suggestions of dates that would work well?

Hey, contary to popular wishes I am still alive. I can host the next meeting at my house (NW Baltimore). The first Sunday in February is looking open for me. I am busily getting a few things of interest up and running. First a computer RTA for testing purposes and also a system for converting LP to digital, both HD storage and convertion to CD. This will be fun to compare the original to the copies.
Baltimore Area Audio Heads : Do we/you want to create a breathing , living Audio Club or just a informal get together ? A Audio Club , formed as a 501(3c) , Limited Liabilty Corperation is able (from a "legal-speegal" point of view) to develop legally approved partnerships with Audio Companies & Dealers for loaners , guest speakers etc.. I have experience with non-profits , I'm a life-long audio person and live in Baltimore County ( Cub Hill ). Are we/you ready to discuss taking the game to the next level ? Why be second to NYC or Boston ? The Baltimore Audiophile Club , LLC ?