Baltimore MD

Anybody interested in starting a club or discussion grp
Baltimore Area Audio Heads : Do we/you want to create a breathing , living Audio Club or just a informal get together ? A Audio Club , formed as a 501(3c) , Limited Liabilty Corperation is able (from a "legal-speegal" point of view) to develop legally approved partnerships with Audio Companies & Dealers for loaners , guest speakers etc.. I have experience with non-profits , I'm a life-long audio person and live in Baltimore County ( Cub Hill ). Are we/you ready to discuss taking the game to the next level ? Why be second to NYC or Boston ? The Baltimore Audiophile Club , LLC ?
If anyone starts up a group, formal or informal and has any get togethers, I would love to hear about it. I am honestly not aware of any groups in the area, but there has to be some as well as Gramaphone's business is booming around this town..
As you can see from the thread we have tried this a couple of times and it just fizzeled out. My interests are purley high quality sound/music reproduction. No interest in Video/TV. I am not much of a fan of Gramaphone.
I was also thinking it's time to get together again. Paul, Bob, Mike's, RU ready?!?

I could host (Carroll County.) I would be interested in comments on the sound/set up of my system. My next upgrade should be room set up/acoustics, but I would also like to "audition" different inerconnects and speaker cables (biwire.)

Waddya say guys?

I am ready! The only problem is we have the holidays comming up.
I can offer my calibrated mic and real time analyizer software on my laptop to do some room measurments when we do meet.
Also,I am in the process of building a new preamp based on Transendent Sound's grounded grid and phono preamp. I am putting both in one chassie and both power supplies in an other chassie plus some other mods.
I had a catatropic failure in my Melos preamp and it unrepairable so I am gutting it for parts for my new preamp. I am listening to my system (no turntable)through a 50 cent pot for now.

so it goes........