Baltimore MD

Anybody interested in starting a club or discussion grp
I am ready! The only problem is we have the holidays comming up.
I can offer my calibrated mic and real time analyizer software on my laptop to do some room measurments when we do meet.
Also,I am in the process of building a new preamp based on Transendent Sound's grounded grid and phono preamp. I am putting both in one chassie and both power supplies in an other chassie plus some other mods.
I had a catatropic failure in my Melos preamp and it unrepairable so I am gutting it for parts for my new preamp. I am listening to my system (no turntable)through a 50 cent pot for now.

so it goes........
Pretty much any Sunday not adjacent to a holiday weekend works for me. Comparing interconnects and speaker cables would be tough because it takes a while to change them and you'll have most likely forgot what the last cable sounded like. BTW, what terminal type does your amplifier and speaker take?

Another idea might be to compare CD players especially if we can get multiple copies of a certain CD. I'd be happy to bring my TRL modified Sony DVP-NS900V. Does your preamp take balanced, single ended inputs, or both?

Paul S.
Hi gang, thanks for 'volunteering' to host Mike. Most any weekend works for me during the winter months.

It's good to see some activity in the Baltimore area again. I may not be available much until after the holidays (ie, January weekends).

Hi, all. I'd be interested as well. I'm into 2 channel only. Prefer tubes and vinyl. Thanks. Sang