Baltimore MD

Anybody interested in starting a club or discussion grp
Unfortunately I can't make it on the 13th, so you'll have to let me know how it goes.

Well unless I made a mistake, and will have to check with my other half, I should be able to go to a Jan 13th meeting. I am up near Aberdeen (about half way between Baltimore and Deleware) so Columbia is a bit of a drive, but still not so far I wouldn't try and make it.

Depending on who all wanted to show, guess someone can host it in house, or we could talk to one of the high-end A/V places in the area to see if we can use a meeting area. I think someone here wasn't a big fan of Gramaphone for buying gear, but know they have nice conf and theater rooms down in Columbia, and I would be open to any other vendors that would host as well, I just know where they are..
It looks like we have enough people wanting to meet on 1/13 to try to pull this together. As I indicated, I am willing to host. If Annapolis is not convenient please let me know and suggest an alternative.


I could probably make it to Annap, but would sure love something closer to Baltimore if possible. I say that as for me personally takes about an 1:15 min to get near Annap on highway, so by the time I got to ones home, I have about a 3hr round trip, lotta driving for sure.

Maybe I am the odd-ball out, and it's only far from me, if so I say do it, but might be nice to see where everyone is and find a middle spot if possible, as gas prices sure are a bite in the ass now days.. :)
I'm in. I don't know that meeting at a "shop" will go over well with the owner, however I'm basing this on a conversation I had with the local Von Schweikert dealer (Stansbury in Millersville.) He knows we may be just kicking the tires before buying used on A'gon! Besides, it'a always cool to see how PEOPLE have assembled their systems.

Since we have several hosting volunteers, we can met on Jan. 13th, then maybe again in February. I'm looking at a speaker upgrade, so my place (Carroll County) may be one for February.