Baltimore MD

Anybody interested in starting a club or discussion grp

Thanks for the suggestions and the offer to host. I would love to hear your system.
If you host I will volunteer to bring some "refreshments" or whatever. I can probably also bring some cables or something that could be loaned out for evaluation / comparison.


Much agreed. I have a horrible room, which I've tried to address with the help of a SPL meter. But I'd be shocked if I'm anywhere close to flat. I'd love the opportunity to get with your laptop and conduct some good measurements. I think that's a terrific first "agenda" item. I also have a Behringer crossover unit that has some equalization capability (yeah, yeah, I know. Let the flames start) so that would be very beneficial for me.

I appreciate any offers for contributions for refreshments. Actually, I'm happy to have some items. My flavor, however, may not be everyone's, so please feel free to BYOB if you'd like.

Let's try for early afternoon? Noonish? Bring your reference music (CD and vinyl). Please e-mail for my address as I'm a little hesitant to post that on a public site. It's

And, again, please feel free to post your systems when you get the chance. Thanks, all.

With big thanks to Sang we are going to have a get together. I like the idea of his room acoustics being the main topic, if there are any other items anyone would like to discuss lets get them lined up. Noonish works for me.

Sang, Joe, Paul and Bob, etc. this is shaping up nicely. For my 2 cents, I'm currently going through speaker cable selection hell ;) and would want to do some swapping to get a feel for the personalities of what we can compare. Obviously the rest of the system will have a great impact, but we should be able to come up relative merits of each. Ones I have (or will have by the 13th) are Audioquest Bedrock (12' biwire) Speltz anti-cable (8' single wire), home made Home Depot 10 gauge solid copper shotgun (biwire) and coming soon, Wireworld Equinox 5 (biwire 3 meter.)

I also have some acoustic measurement software on a laptop. I know Paul has TrueRTA. I did splurge on RplusD (sequel to ETF by Acoustisoft.)

I can also bring vinyl, CDs and beverages.

Thanks Sang!
I'll be able to bring some speaker cables. Anyone else looking for something specific?