Baltimore MD

Anybody interested in starting a club or discussion grp
I have been cleared by the wife so I am a definite for the 13th. I will bring my realRTA system to make comparisons with kartracers system. Just need time and place my e-mail is
OK, the Holidays are behind us! Can I get a show of hands from those planning to get together on the 13th?


In response to Joe's inquiry, don't everyone jump at once. I, as host, am still on board. Noon on Sunday. The playoff game WILL be on so don't fret. Anyone wanting my address or directions should contact me directly. Should be fun. Come and go as you please.

Hehe, I'll drop you a note as to your address, I am pretty sure I can attend, just need to make sure my other half isn't working that day.

As to the game, how the heck are you going to demo and evaluate audio with the game on, that should be a trick.. :P
I'm coming and per Sang's and other's requests will bring a bunch of speaker cables and most likely my room measurement HW and SW, although I haven't used it much and not in a while. I'd rather not spend too much time on engineering but more on some cable/equipment "difference appreciations" (more commonly known as evaluation), meeting some fellow audiofools and hearing new music/systems.