Baltimore MD

Anybody interested in starting a club or discussion grp
We're going to have nice turnout, Gents. I expect about 8 people. We still have room so if anyone wants to come, please email me soon. I expect that I might have a few beverages during tomorrow's games and may not respond very diligently to any last minute emails. Ha.

there is no need for, nor will there be time for demonstrations of two room measurment systems, so since Kartracer spent more money he can bring his.
Well I tried to reach you Sang, but guess either my eMail didn't make it, or something. As it's 11am, I am going to guess I will be unable to make the days events as I have no directions. Have fun all, and I hope you all plan another ge t together again that I have the chance to attend.

wb3ffv, I'm sorry you weren't able to reach me. I didn't get your email. Sorry that you missed. We had a good time. Hope you'll make the next meeting.
Strange on the eMail, as I have never gotten any type of bounces. Maybe a spam filter or something got me, who knows.

Glad the event went well, and hopefully we can keep enough interest going to keep some type of periodic get together happening in the future..