Bananas rule, spades drool. End of discussion.

I just checked my speaker connections. All using bananas, all nice and tight.

The number of times I’ve had spades get loose instead though.....

Point is, and it really is kind of a tongue in cheek thing, bananas beat spades for long term reliability in almost all setups.  If you have to use a Cardas or Mundorf speaker terminal to ensure your spades stay tight it kind of proves my point.


don’t blame the spade…it’s the coarse thread el cheapo “ 5 way binding post “…

I prefer spades more. Newer had a problem with Cardas spades. Tight, reliable connection. However bananas could be very weak. Ones I accidentally pulled the cable just a little bit and one of banana connectors got bent. When I tried to straighten it up it cracked and broke. 

Locking Bananas (WBT Type) give you the confidence in their connection.

2 allen head set screws secure the speaker wire to the fitting. The threaded rod expands the leaves of the split banana for secure connection, reverse to disconnect. Color coded is handy.





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