Bananas rule, spades drool. End of discussion.

I just checked my speaker connections. All using bananas, all nice and tight.

The number of times I’ve had spades get loose instead though.....

Point is, and it really is kind of a tongue in cheek thing, bananas beat spades for long term reliability in almost all setups.  If you have to use a Cardas or Mundorf speaker terminal to ensure your spades stay tight it kind of proves my point.


@czarivey  And that IMHO has the highest likelihood of causing shorts, so got to be careful. :)

I've rarely, if ever, have had problems with spades loosening in 50 years of using them with half a dozen pairs of speakers.  Hardcore audiophiles remove their speaker cables to clean the connectors periodically, so that's an opportunity to tighten whatever connectors are used.  Aside from that, I don't mess with my speaker cables, and I have no problems.  That was true even when I had two spades on each end to accomodate biwiring.

@drmuso You’ve had better luck than I have then. I don’t clean connectors after insertion though I’m too busy for that. :)

I have however gone through several pairs of speakers and moved frequently,  and I used to do more experiments with speaker cables until I settled on Mogami.

Yes, spades do have more surface area than banana plugs in general, but if one does not make good contact you are still going to have more contact resistance.

@lanx0003  Exactly my point.

Of course, I don't' really care what A'goners actually DO in their system.  Just wanted to express my experience and why this is a banana friendly household.