Band with highest success/talent ratio?

Which bands do readers thinks have the highest success to quality ratio? In other words, which bands have been very successful yet deserve little success since their music is terrible?
I'll stir the pot right away with my #1 choice: Kiss. They were around for a while, made millions, dressed up in makeup because no one would've listened to them otherhwise, and maybe had one good song (but probably not).
My next choices would be Aerosmith and Dream Theater, although I'm not sure the latter were very successful. I hope not.
Elton's John....or is it Elton John?? Someone needs to explain to me why he is so famous. And knighted? It's just me, I'm sure.
Kiss has to be about number 1, I dont think ACDC has any real talent either but I like them more then Kiss by a mile.
Any good band doesnt need makeup, ask yourself if they would have had the initial success if dressed like Blue Oyster Cult?
Insert most any hair metal band in this aswell, your Warrant, Poisen and others fit nicely here.
Never thought much of the Dead either, who wants to listen to a 4 hour soundcheck?
I'm with Paul. The Dead. There's not enough weed in the world to make them listenable.
The Dead had their moments. I suspect people who don't get them haven't heard the good live stuff. If you're willing to suspend judgment for about 15 minutes, listen to Help on the Way / Slipknot! & Franklin's Tower on their CD One From the Vault. It's a good recording and great song cycle. You can download them at amazon for $1.98.
If that doesn't warm you up to them, nothing will.
the dead were immensely talented musicians, regardless of if you like their music or not.

kiss? poison? warrant? skid row? well, not so much.