Bands that had a "masterpiece", w/ common theme

Odd title. "sorry if it turns you off"
Pink Floyd "The Wall" @ "The Final Cut" (underated)
Kansas "Leftoverture"
ELP "Brain Salad Surgery"
Manfred Mann "The Roaring Silence"
I could go on, this is just to get it started.
Do you really consider Pink Floyd to be music?

If you like The Band you will like Levon Helm and the RCO Allstars.
Rrog..I certainly consider Pink Floyd to be Music.One of the top Bands ever to say the least.Do you live under a rock?Or only listen to quiet female vocals or smooth jazz.Or the worst Rap and Hip Hop or other mainstream crap?JD
Rrog.After checking "Rrog's Reponses in Music" in the forum thread section you actually have good taste in music..I don't get your Pink Floyd comment weather you like them or not they play music...Rap is not music..JD
Camper van Beethoven - Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Murder Ballads
Beck - Sea Change
Seems to me, "Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" should be on the list.

2nd for "Desperado".