Bands who'se names describe thier sound.

I saw another thread that was about a band that has a 1 word name that perfectly describes thier sound.


Anyone know any other bands that have a name that perfectly describes thier music?

Ill throw another one out as weell to help get this kicked off. ENIGMA....

any takers?
Blues Traveler
Black Sabbath
Led Zeppelin

Zoya, good list, but I don't know about Mannheim Steamroller though. I think of that name as belonging to a heavy metal or Goth band.
'Throbbing Gristle' Fetish records.Especially the song 'Slugbait'.
'Sixth Finger Satalite"
'Acid Mother's Temple'.
That's a tough one -- maybe:

Pearl Jam
Mahavishnu Orchestra
Devo ?
The Beat les ;-)