Bang for the buck

Hi all, I'm looking to get some feedback on great value/sound used speakers for a 14x11.5' room in an apartment. Are there any suggestions from audiosciencereview or your own experience that mate great sound with excellent value on the used market? I recently found a pair of Salk speakers at a good price, but their frequency response is the only measurement graph I can find. Plus, I wonder if a large part of that speaker price is due to the cost of the cabinet and its elaborate finish. I'm looking to put my money towards the music more than the cabinet jewelry finishes. (I'm on a budget <$2k). Thanks for any recommendations 


I have no idea if the Salk songtower or veracity ht2 would walk all over the Arendal 1723 speakers, but those 1723 seem to be on the current speaker "hype train" , and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious about which choice would be better. (Largely due to the fact that I've heard neither and I have absolutely no clue because of so many available options)

In an apartment you'll probably want a speaker that can be backed against the wall.  Typically that would require a speaker that is either in a sealed enclosure or if it has a port the port is on the front of the speaker.      The Wharfedale Linton 85 has two ports on the back of the speaker.   Consider the KLH Model 5 

Check out the video....



Philharmonic BMR are really high value in my opinion. Hard to find used but come in under budget new so…