Bang for the buck vs. “money no object” cable recommendations

Latest system consists of Musical Fidelity A308 integrated, Arcam irDac and Revel F30 speakers. Looking for speaker cable and RCA interconnect recommendations that are best bang for the buck. Also asking for ideal “if money we’re not object” recommendations. 
Cables of from any super expensive brand should probably only be used if you have seen what your room can do without peaks and valleys.
Just start with an easy thing, clap your hands and tell us what you hear!?
Or sing and tell what you hear (echoes)?
I've tried a few high end cables and generally they have subtle differences but I've noticed a big difference with DH Labs Silver Sonic balanced interconnects, power cables, USB cables, and HDMI cables. As a broadcast audio engineer, I am convinced there is a special synergy when using the same brand of cables in your audio system. I know that sounds crazy, but I've heard a difference when mixing difference brands. And no, I am not employed by DH Labs! Everyone hears things differently so always let your ears be the judge.
Best bang for buck you ask ? well I just recently read on ASR a set of power cord’s available on Amazon a three pack for under $10.00 !