BANG for the BUCK

For most of us it's all about value. Except for the relatively small number of folks who can afford not to worry about how much things cost.

For the rest of us it's all about the price/performance ratio. How much did you pay for what you got in terms of performance? The bang for the buck. I have found some excellent values over the years. And some terrible ones as well, alas. If we look at each class of components and various price points, what good and bad values have you experienced along the way? I'll give a few examples from my own experience to get this thread rolling. These examples are just for starters. They do not represent a complete list. If more come to mind I will add them to the thread later.

My caveat is that my comments are subjective and refer to my system -- and YMMV. I am only speaking for myself and my system here.

In the realm of DACS -- Antelope Gold, AMR DP, Berkeley 1 and EMM CDSA SE are in my price/performance dog house. My current NAD M51 takes the price/performance prize. It is the only DAC that has, so far, given me good value.

In the realm of speakers -- Merlin Monitors and Joseph Audio Pulsars represented good value for my system. But my current Raidho C1.1 monitors take the price/performance prize.

In the realm of cables, power products and power conditioners -- Gabriel Gold and Synergistic Research Tesla Series and Speaker Cells, Interconnect Cells and power conditioners are in my price/performance dog house. David Elrod and Shunyata cables, and the Shunyata Triton power conditioner take the price/performance prize.

In the realm of tweaks -- some of Jack Bybee's products, Schumann resonance devices and Audio Magic products take the price/performance prize.

How about you and your system? What stands out in terms of price/performance -- on both sides of the ledger?
Replaced audiophile grade power wall sockets with Maestro (brand)....the difference was amazing.

I replaced my Tesla Plex SE with Furutech GTX-D. Amazing results -- takes the price/performance prize.
Sabai- I apologize in advance for my ignorance. can you explain what a HFT is please?

Thanks, Jack
Bryston BDP-2 player.
With a few Anker powered USB hubs connected to it, I now have (27) 32 GB flash drives and (2)1TB Hardrives connected to it. Awesome unit. Every song, Hi-Def or regular that I own at my finger tips to play. It evens can do internet radio.
Awesome unit.

Kindly Google the Synergistic Research site for detailed information. A Google search will also turn up information from other sites.