Bang For Your Buck Best Value CD Transport

I don't want to know what is the very best CD transport to use with a DAC regardless of price.

I want to know what people think is a transport that works and sounds great, and is a good value for the money.

New and/or used, whatever you think....

Correction - The PW Transport was approx' $850, I used a $ instead of a £.

Out of all mentioned above the tiny NANO was one of the best CD transports I have owned.  Not sure what they cost today, etc., but it was a really great sounding transport.  hard to beat at it's price point.


I would not buy one of the older units although I have many, but I can repair them myself.



Sony BDP-6700 

a SACD/ CD/ BLURAY player

Bluray Audio also compatible. 

most fun part is can upgrade external power supply (DC plug).