Bang & Olufsen Speakers

Feedback on quality and value for the dollar.I have not seen any mention of their products at this site.Any comments on the beolab 6000?
I've only briefly heard them as I was walking through rooms. In general the speaker is about looking good, sound is second. And the ones I've seen weren't built to a very high quality as far as durability. If you just want one, go for it. But nearly all other high-end loudspeaker manufacturers are going to give you far better sound for the money.
I can imagine why you are asking this. Expecting design aesthetics and a great musicallity should be natural. But as in nature great great sex usually doesn't come from the best bodies. It is more the exception than the rule and generally is very expensive and almost unobtainable together in one package. My second masters is in Industrial Design and B&O does make a beautiful design statement. I have a current B&O 4000 and the 6000 speaker setup in my bedroom (my third teir sytem). Boy, the system is great looking, convient to use, and great background music for the bedroom. I didn't mean for that to read that way, but that's true too. The B&O system has to be near the top for musicality and way better than other life-style music systems. I also like taping radio program feature on program I want to hear later in the car or late at night. Still, if you want only one system and music is truly important to be prepared to spend a lot-lot more money in your main system. After all the poster before recommends $20K speakers, you can get what I mean about adding the appropriate electronics to that recommendadtion in producing the great sound and aesthetics. What do you do with all those stupid looking cables? You got to bite the bullet on your choices with this topic.
All the others are right. For light classical they sound fine (note not great) but anything that has any lower end makes them sound empty. They do look great though. There is other stuff out there that is a better value and looks as cool. Check out the Iris from Sonic Frontiers for one...