Bargain power conditioners

Does anyone have any experience using a power conditioner made for computers (ie: the APC Line R 600 which cost around $150) with a high end audio system (front end). It seems to me that these might provide a similar level of protection and enhancement for a fraction of the cost of an 'audiophile power conditioner'. Thanks.
Best Bang for the buck for a budget conditioner in my humble opinion is the Vansevers Super Companion; List $150; can be had for online for $129 at some dealers listed on the Vansevers web site. Even has detachable IEC power cord you can upgrade or tweek with. I did a comparison in my home with the Moster stuff. The Super Companion won hands down in my system. Much better lower end. I use it in a small system in my den. I have a Reference Vanevers on my main system.
PS: Forgot the mention that the Monster is not bad by any means. Actually very good. I have two. Both used for Video/DVD/VCR in family room and den TV systems.
I agree with everyone above. Before PS Audio came out with their new products, I tried the APC UPS from my home computer. For many reasons it became immediately apparent that it was not the correct choice. I bought an Adcom ACE-515 instead.
I have the Monster HTS2000 for 6 months now. Once the unit is burnt in (2-3 wks), it does not degrade the sound. Now my system sounds the same with or without it. I use as a surge protector and to have a peace of mind. For $125 from, that's is not too expensive.
I've been very happy with my Blue Circle Power Pillow. I don't use it for my amps, but everything else (pre/cd/table) are running through it. Smooth and non-limiting. I can't recall the price, but less than $500 for sure.