Bargain Priced SACD Giant Killer?

I think my SCD-1 is very good and beautifully made, but at the end of the day, I am listening to digital less and less, other than from my PC.

So I am thinking about recycling some of its resale value into a turntable, and building up a WAF file music server.

If I were to sell my SCD-1, is there anything that will give me 75% + of the sound on a budget, albeit without the gorgeous build quality?
Bob: The battery power really does take the player to another level. :) (first hand experience)

Thanks for your post. I don't consider my post a sales pitch when in my previous post I mentioned a problem I had with the modified unit that I had just received from TRL. I am just breaking in the unit so I can't gag you with how great the unit sounds. Hope you have a great day. Bob
Baranyi, thank you for the response....

i did see your previous post and many, many, many, many,many, many, many,many, many, many, many, many, many, many,many,many other TRL post (get the idea?)...which had did not address the original question by Cwlowdon...

i am also interested in a inexpensive sacd unit and would like to see what suggestions are made...

congrats on your new modified unit....i am sure it is great...

take care and have a great day (i did!!!)

please remember to conserve energy, fossil fuel, and conserve water....and in this case by flushing less and letting this thread turn into a huge TRL dung pile....
03-01-06: Mikesinger

"i am also interested in a inexpensive sacd unit and would like to see what suggestions are made..."

Mike didn't you state above that it wasn't worth getting into SACD because of limited software - why are you stating now that you are interested in an inexpensive SACD player. I think your anger is clouding your judgement. Sounds like the dung is coming from you.

By the way I don't currently own any TRL, so this is just an observation. I'm curious why you are so angry too?