Bargain Priced SACD Giant Killer?

I think my SCD-1 is very good and beautifully made, but at the end of the day, I am listening to digital less and less, other than from my PC.

So I am thinking about recycling some of its resale value into a turntable, and building up a WAF file music server.

If I were to sell my SCD-1, is there anything that will give me 75% + of the sound on a budget, albeit without the gorgeous build quality?
03-01-06: Mikesinger

"i am also interested in a inexpensive sacd unit and would like to see what suggestions are made..."

Mike didn't you state above that it wasn't worth getting into SACD because of limited software - why are you stating now that you are interested in an inexpensive SACD player. I think your anger is clouding your judgement. Sounds like the dung is coming from you.

By the way I don't currently own any TRL, so this is just an observation. I'm curious why you are so angry too? beef with trl....never heard one...

it is a shame how a great post can "obviously" be used for the over promotion of a product..

the question is...
did you read the original post ?
do you understand the context of the original post ???
do you think maybe, just maybe the the posts might be percived as a "excessive" promotion of trl products..

the interest i have in sacd (in the original context) that the cwlondon intiated the thread ( ie secondary player that is inexpensive..) if the trl modded player fits that desription, then i owe you and others a sincere apology...

if the trl player doesnt fit the context of the original post....then maybe...just maybe.. the king isnt wearing any clothes....not to mention who is full of blatently "shameless hiding intentional tactics"

btw, just in case you missed that one.... take the first letter of each word..
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Try APL 563A, or check out David Schulte from the upgrade company, I have heard a few of his modded machines, in my system, and they were VERY good too. BTW TRL has great sound too, but, there are MANY more choices. Most modders will transform any average machine, into a fine digital player. This is just MHO here.