Base trap spacing

Hello everyone, I got my corner bass traps from GIK Acoustics today. The thing is they won’t go all the way in the corners because of the wall outlet that I am using to plug my Niagara 1200 in. I wrote GIK and was told it shouldn’t affect the sound, he also told me I could get a right turn power strip and plug my power cable coming from my Niagara in it. The idea behind the right turn power strip is to get the bass traps closer to the corners. Currently they are 6 inches from the back all and 2 inches from the side walls. I really don’t want to have a new outlet installed. Thanks guys.


Hilariously, I had exactly the same problem with GIK Soffit Traps.  My solution was a 90 degree Leviton hospital grade plug, which was amazingly tight:

I replaced all my outlets with commercial grade outlets, but it wasn't until I plugged in the Leviton that it truly felt clamped on.

PS - The combination of a high grade outlet + Leviton may be challenging for your drywall.  Consider a Hubbell Flush-Fit if your outlet has any play against the wall at all.

@erik_squires are you suggesting a high quality outlet along with the plug you sent a link to ? Would you mind sending me a picture of how yours is setup ? Thank you 

Um, I would send you a picture, but it’s behind a bass trap and subwoofer!! :D

I’m suggesting a decent outlet with a 90 degree plug. The plug is the key. It keeps the cable flush to the wall until it hits the outlet.

I do suggest at least "Commercial/Residential" outlets ($5-$10) to replace old residential outlets. The commercial part adds higher quality and tighter contacts, the residential part of the label adds tamper resistance (TR) which is required in residential outlets. Of course, you are free to go nuts with even more expensive outlets. :)

I wrote about this here:

PS - I added a picture of my outlet/plug combination at the end of my blog post.