Base trap spacing

Hello everyone, I got my corner bass traps from GIK Acoustics today. The thing is they won’t go all the way in the corners because of the wall outlet that I am using to plug my Niagara 1200 in. I wrote GIK and was told it shouldn’t affect the sound, he also told me I could get a right turn power strip and plug my power cable coming from my Niagara in it. The idea behind the right turn power strip is to get the bass traps closer to the corners. Currently they are 6 inches from the back all and 2 inches from the side walls. I really don’t want to have a new outlet installed. Thanks guys.



Pretty sure GIK was recommending a power strip instead. I have a furman I used on old set up. However I didn’t wanna have the furman in the wall then my power cable in the furman.

Lots of good power strips have 90 degree plugs which is probably why GIK was suggesting it. Truth is that the cable in my blog goes to a Furman voltage regulator, which then feeds my conditioners.  The original plug though was not a right-angle plug and the Leviton was a better solution than a right-angle extension cord.


Do you notice different sound with it set up the way you have it.


So basically the power cable plugs into the plug from The bottom ?

In the picture you see, that’s exactly right, the power cord goes out the bottom instead of the back of the plug, and the GIK bass trap is snug to the back of the plug (except when I'm taking pictures). The plug can be wired to plug in from almost any angle, in case your outlet has the ground up or down or sideways, or you want to to direct the cable to the left or right more than down.


I really really don’t wanna install another outlet.

The outlet is not your space problem. You don’t have to install another outlet to fix that, just a new plug.

I do however recommend you at least get a Commercial/Residential outlet because they are well built, reliable, have a solid grip compared to normal cheap residential outlets and will give you a chance to clean up the wiring and make sure you don’t have backstabbed connections. About $5 and 10 minutes to install. About the same effort as installing the Leviton plug. Of course, make sure you have turned off the breaker and use fine grit sand paper to clean the bare wires.

Just to be clear, the Leviton is a replacement plug, not an adapter. You don’t plug a wire into the bottom, you wire it through the bottom, and mimimizes extra connections.

That is, you’ll have to remove any existing plug, disassemble the Leviton, wire it, and re-assemble it.

If that’s too scary, and you don’t mind an extra plug and socket in the way consider this 14 gauge extension cord:

They also make pure 90 degree adaptors, but I don't like them.  I think it is too easy to disconnect or get a partial connection over time.

@erik_squires yea, I will likely go with the cord option. I emailed Pass Labs this morning asking what they thought on the options you offered me. I know the traps don’t need to be all the way in the corners, more for looks at this point. Your thoughts are much appreciated. 

OP: If you are not looking for a boutique power cord, they also make IEC power cords with 90 degree plugs. 

@erik_squires I have an Audioquest Monsoon cable atm. The bass traps came in yesterday and I thought I had more room. Thank you though