Base trap spacing

Hello everyone, I got my corner bass traps from GIK Acoustics today. The thing is they won’t go all the way in the corners because of the wall outlet that I am using to plug my Niagara 1200 in. I wrote GIK and was told it shouldn’t affect the sound, he also told me I could get a right turn power strip and plug my power cable coming from my Niagara in it. The idea behind the right turn power strip is to get the bass traps closer to the corners. Currently they are 6 inches from the back all and 2 inches from the side walls. I really don’t want to have a new outlet installed. Thanks guys.


@erik_squires yea, I will likely go with the cord option. I emailed Pass Labs this morning asking what they thought on the options you offered me. I know the traps don’t need to be all the way in the corners, more for looks at this point. Your thoughts are much appreciated. 

OP: If you are not looking for a boutique power cord, they also make IEC power cords with 90 degree plugs. 

@erik_squires I have an Audioquest Monsoon cable atm. The bass traps came in yesterday and I thought I had more room. Thank you though 


I’ll tell you why I think moving the outlet to behind the system is a better strategy -

  1. it allows you to retain your current power conditioner and the cord feeding it
  2. it gives you an opportunity to use a much better, high quality power cord on the amplifier and plug it directly into the wall. Shorter power cords will be less expensive than the longer length versions.
  3. you will not have the panel flush with the wall unless there’s nothing plugged into that outlet. The right angle plugs won’t cure your issue
  4. And finally, the cost of having an electrician run the outlet behind your equipment rack will most likely be cheaper than farting around with new angled plugs, cords and strips (not to mention potential sound quality degradation due to use of lower grade plugs, adapters, etc).

Commercial grade outlets are fine if that’s what you think is good enough. Leviton plugs are not for audio. Hospital grade outlets aren’t either. The design goals there are to create a death grip connection that makes accidentally pulling the plug less possible. None of these connectors or outlets offer any benefit as far as improving sound quality. The hospital grade outlets will strip the plating off the plugs on power cords. Unless you are using all stock cords and have no plans to upgrade them, you’re fine. Other than that, look elsewhere.