Base trap spacing

Hello everyone, I got my corner bass traps from GIK Acoustics today. The thing is they won’t go all the way in the corners because of the wall outlet that I am using to plug my Niagara 1200 in. I wrote GIK and was told it shouldn’t affect the sound, he also told me I could get a right turn power strip and plug my power cable coming from my Niagara in it. The idea behind the right turn power strip is to get the bass traps closer to the corners. Currently they are 6 inches from the back all and 2 inches from the side walls. I really don’t want to have a new outlet installed. Thanks guys.


Isn’t it good to have some space between the wall and the absorption devices.?


@campoly - With panels, yes. Space behind can, to a point, improve the bass absorption of the panels and extend the panel's effectiveness downwards. In this thread we are talking about devices designed specifically for being placed flush in the corners.

Having said that, a few inches of space won’t hurt , but it looks weird.

@erik_squires the general consensus is there can be space but I agree with you that it looks odd. To be honest the ocd in me it drives me nuts. They are cut to be put in the corners for a reason. 

I had the same issue along with windows close to the corners.

The new round traps were a way better fit for in the corners.

@maxdukecapone if I move my outlet behind the rack, it will fix the issue all together. That and I can get shorter power cables when I upgrade 😀