Basic integrated amp for $700-$900

I’m thinking of selling my tube integrated amp to downsize my system to a more convenient form and function.
I’ll keep my Schiit Audio phono and DAC, so I’m looking for a basic line level 80-100 watt integrated amp with a Silver faceplate.
The Musical Fidelity M2si has my attention and is on sale. Is it any good, or should I look elsewhere?
The Vincent Audio SV 500 tube/SS is also on sale and has my attention too but is only 50 watts, but still may be doable.

What other recommendations do you have?
BTW, Uncle Kevin's closeout price for the Musical Fidelity M2si is $599. Where are you going find a better NEW integrated amp for that amount? If I were in the market for an integrated amp today, I would give it a try. Now, if I was going to actually spend up to $900, I would probably look for a higher value used integrated amp. 
Take a look at the Heed Elixir. I think it does have a phono stage, but you certainly don't have to use it.
If you want something that's NOT made in China there's the Edwards Audio IA-1 RP and IA-2 RP integrated amps, made in the UK.  Both include a good MM phono stage and a (admittedly plastic) remote

Have you looked into a used Creek Evolution 50 or 100? They do show up here and there. I got an Evo 50 here on Agon not too long ago, and I absolutely love it. Just mentioning as I’ve also got a Schiit DAC and it pairs well with it.