Basis 2200 Bass Issue

I just purchased a used 2200 with a Vector 4 tonearm here on Agon, had it sent to Basis to be checked out and it was given a clean bill of health. Set it up last night, and I think I was careful and precise in following the directions. I have the table on a Vibraplane 2212, all Audio Research gear, Ref 2 SE Phono Pre, Ref 5 SE Pre, Ref 110 Amp, all Nordost TYR 2 Cabling. Bass sounds HORRIBLE! No balls, no slam, no texture. Had a VPI Classic 3 which sounded pretty great but my impression was that the 2200 was a superior table. Any insight or suggestions will be greatly appreciated, besides getting the Classic 3 back :) Thanks.
Congratulation on your new table, I own a 2500 !!!!! I want to mention the Walker speed controller as a future upgrade possibility, plus some type of calibration device. The improvement was immediately apparent, I owned a VPI controller and the Walker was a substantial improvement, they show up here for $900-$1300.

Of course the Vibraplane will interfere with other spring systems like a car going down the road with two sets of shock absorbers one above the other. The ride would be very bumby. Without an interfering set of springs on the turntable the Vibraplane prevents structureborne vibrations from interfering with the platter, tonearm and cartridge, which resonate around 10 Hz.
You should also try to mass load the Vibraplane such that the system is supporting around 225 lbs (including the turntable). The Vibraplane is most effective (and sounds the best) when loaded close to its theoretical load maximum.
Even if you are using the same cartridge, it is VERY difficult to get identical settings when switching to a new arm/table. Small changes can have very large sonic consequences. Even a tiny VTA change will affect the apparent balance between bass and the upper end. Try adjusting VTA. Generally speaking, as one lowers the arm, bass becomes more prominent.
I agree with Pops the Basis table and arm are very nuetral not in a amusical way. I use to own the VPI Aries before the Basis and the VPI never had that wide open soundstage. The bass was powerful, but did not have the texture. The Basis allows you to hear the differences in the different drum kits and their skins. I listened to a lot of cartridges on the Basis including most Koetsu, Benz, Clearaudio, and Vandenhul. I like the ZYX the best. I'm lucky to be able to own and use AJ's new Superarm 9 and let me tell you that was a game changer.