Bass Clarinet Recordings

I’ve recently been listening to some recordings that feature the bass clarinet heavily. So far these have all been Jazz records, most notably Eric Dolphy on various recordings and a few others. I really like the sound of the instrument with that deep woody tone.

Does anyone have any recommendations for other bass clarinet music, either Jazz or, particularly classical chamber music. In addition to the Dolphy, I have a Herbie Mann record that’s all BC, and some Stravinsky, but I can’t help but think there must be more compositions and/or recordings featuring this instrument. I’d love to hear anyone’s suggestions. Thanks!
I hope member Frogman sees this thread, he should have some recommendations, as he plays the instrument professionally (as well as the sax).
After you collect all the Eric Dolphy recordings,under his own name and with Charles Mingus,i would seek out some recordings by David Murray.His small group and octet recordings for the Black Saint and Soulnote labels in the 70's and early 80's feature some impressive bass clarinet performances.His primary instrument is the tenor saxophone,he doubles on bass clarinet.The recordings i mention also benefit from superb recording quality.
Check out Janacek's Mladi. It's a sextet, wind quintet plus bass clarinet. I seem to recall there's a nice Chandos cd with the Netherlands Wind Ensemble.
I too love the bass clarinet. I thought this was the second thread in Audiogon history talking about the bass clarinet but it appears there are in fact three others, not one other. Talk about a happening subject!

I love the contrabassoon, the contrabass, the bass (and contrabass) sax, the bass clarinet, all kinds of bass.

Take a look on Youtube for Edmund Welles. Some of their stuff is a real kick.
Thanks for the responses. I did check out a David Murray record called Deep River. It only had two tracks with BC, but its a great album. The recording is fantastic. Possibly the widest soundstage I've ever heard in my system.