Bass traps in a small HT set up?

I am presently using two SVS Sub Ultra 13 front firing subs in a small 10 x 12 room with really very satisfactory results. To eliminate any bass bloom or bloating, I am using a DS Peaker 8033. IMO, I think it does a reasonably good job. I am however, considering adding some bass traps in the corner of the room behind the subs. Does anybody know? Can I expect this kind of tweak, to give me even more improvement?
If so, what are the best kind of bass traps to use?
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Morgan, did you find a suitable solution for your space?

You definitely received some excellent advice and knowledge from the gentlemen in this group!

Hi Joel,
I certainly did gets lots of good info.
I recently discovered that I had a few settings incorrect on my subs..
First of all- On my two front firing SVS Sub Ultra 13's, I discovered that before I ran the DS Peaker 8033 - I did not have the volume on the subs set to 2, like it said to do so in the instructions. There were a few other incorrect settings too and due to this the bass sounded bloated and not at all up to scratch. I spent about three hours carefully resetting everything one night last week. My conclusion is this - The DS PEAKER 8033 really works! Everything sounds so nice and tight now. I am really very happy with it all now. No need for bass traps and so on now, I am sure. The moral of the story is; when you get new gear, don't get too excited, take your time to set it all up. It will save you a great deal of disappointment in the end. Always take your time to read the instructions. Sometimes, isn't it great to state the obvious!
Cheers lads!
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