Bass traps/room treatments

Has anyone tried echobusters bass traps, or the ceiling corner bass traps? I have a fairly large room (13x25)with my SC-IV/a's on the long wall, with a high ceiling sloping left to right (16'down to 8'). I've been draping tapestry
from the ceiling and have noticed improved bass response (weird)'s really got me thinking about purpose built taming devices.....when I stand behind my speaker in the corner, it's super boomy. The bass in my room is not boomy, it just doesn't have quite the impact and extension you'd expect from dual 10' woofs in each speaker, which makes me think I've got some deflection problems.
I have the corner traps and they are excellent. They are effective down to about 55 hz. Call Michael at Echobusters, fax him a floor plan and he will recommend an inexpensive alternative to ASC.
I have ASC Bass Traps and panels. I read an article once attempting to discourage someone from going the cheap route because in the long run it will end up costing just as much and you'll wish you'd just bought the real thing....

ASC stuff is expensive - period. But, they have earned their reputation by building products that really work. I challenge you to find a pro studio environment that isn't using their's chosen for a reason and simply that's because it works!

Visit their website and have them send you their kit for analyzing your room. They have you record a fast transient sound in the room and then computer model the room acoustics based on the information that you send them. From that, they recommend products to make the room "right".

Bottom line, you get what you pay for. I assure you that you won't be disappointed.

Good luck,


PS - And no, I don't work for ASC - I'm just a guy who used to do pro sound work and loves really good hifi!
Any chance of repositioning the speakers parallel to the high ceiling short wall and your listening position more toward the 8 ft high short wall. The room appears to offer a very interesting listening enviroment but I think your current layout is not making optimal use of it. With a more symmetric layout (so that the ceiling height above each speaker is the same)you should get more consistent bass response with the speakers.