BAT REX amps

I would appreciate input from people who have upgraded to the BAT REX amp (either Mk. I or Mk. II) from the VK-75SE. I would also appreciate any comments Victor ("Chipmunk") would like to make about important technical differences between the two amps, for example, do they use the same output transformers and have the same energy storage? Is the basic difference just better quality parts or are there also differences to the circuit?

Thanks in advance.
Thank You! Ken.

I am located in the deep South. I travel for my work and if I find myself in SoCal I will look up you guys. What is the name of your business? All The Best.
Hello Raquel.

I went from the 150se mono-blocks to the original REX mono-blocks a few years ago. To me the improvements were quite substantial and very meaningful. In areas where the 150se already excelled the REX took to another level!!! I can highly recommend the upgrade without hesitation if you have to the means to do so.

Best of luck,

Anyone else want to mention their local BAT dealer/retailer?
Keep me posted & happy listening!