BAT VK-300K SE vs. Ayre AX-7e integrateds

I was ready to pick up the Ayre to drive my PSB synchrony ones but I may have an option to get a BAT VK-300k SE. I know the Ayre sounds amazing, but how is the BAT compared to the Ayre? I know the BAT is more money but the Ayre sounds awesome.

If you can't hear the BAT get the Ayre. They do sound different and while the Ayre doesn't do any one thing that stretches the envelope, the more important aspect is that it does nothing wrong.

That can't be said for the BAT.
I am curious too. As a BAT owner, their top line tube gears, I have seriously considering the top line Ayre amp/pre combo but walked away unimpressed after several audition. So my impression was exactly the opposite of Duane.
Anyone have an opinion of the sound characteristics of the BAT compared to the Ayre/ What does the BAT do well sound wise?