BAT VK-300K SE vs. Ayre AX-7e integrateds

I was ready to pick up the Ayre to drive my PSB synchrony ones but I may have an option to get a BAT VK-300k SE. I know the Ayre sounds amazing, but how is the BAT compared to the Ayre? I know the BAT is more money but the Ayre sounds awesome.

Anyone have an opinion of the sound characteristics of the BAT compared to the Ayre/ What does the BAT do well sound wise?
Sorry I didn't get back sooner.

The BAT has a dark grain in the back ground that gives it a punchy but congested feel to dynamics. Almost like electronic gas,

This is more noticeable on speakers that are a little closed in sounding or reserved. If the speaker is bright and efficient then the BAT has a deferent issue. It is a little sharp and doesn't expand wide and deep.

Of course I'm nit picking since it will sound much better than a Krell. LOL
Thanks for the update, Duane. Always nice to have another viewpoint.

Like Simi above, though, my experience has been the opposite of yours. The SE series components in particular seem to cross a threshold between the best solid state and tube gear. IME, they possess the magical midrange characteristics that tubes are typically known for, while creating believable scale and stage and remaining competent at the frequency extremes.

Of course, as always, YMMV.
I'm not a VK-300K SE owner, but I've been a VK-60 owner for several years and just recently moved to an AX-7e. I can tell you the differences are negligible but enjoyed. Simply put - I feel BAT and Ayre are definitely complimentary of one another. Meaning, I'm not missing anything moving to the Ayre, but respect the difference between tubes and solid state.