BAT VK-55: cap upgrade

I have a BAT VK-55 power amp and it is a very good amp. I've read about a very positive upgrade changing the original caps with V-Cap or Mundorf. I would like to know if anyone made this modification, which type of caps used and the result obtained.
I'm new on this forum and have limited experience with equipment modification, so I really appreciate your support.
I have no experience with BAT amps, however I have upgraded many coupling caps in tube amps and preamps.
Vcap or Mundorf Silver/Oil caps will sound much more transparent than BAT's paper-in-oil (PIO) caps.
If you like your amp's tonal balance and transparency, I do not recommend changing the caps.
If you could use more see-through transparency and midrange/treble refinement, Vcaps and Mundorf are excellent choices.
Another option that will not change drastically the tonal balance but will certainly improve refinement and timbre are the new Vcap copper/teflon caps.
i hope this helps
Huge difference in my Thor t1000 linestage..Much more transparent and inner detail,along with a more upfront and lively presentation.. Mundorf Cap upgrade details @ ....
I put the new V-CAP CuTF caps in my 150SE monoblocks (total of 8 caps) (previously had the TFTF caps). Oh my........!!
I recently used Sonic Cap Platinum(teflon) caps in a preamp upgrade, it was a big difference over the Auricaps that were previously installed.
Thank you for your opinions; is there anybody that has direct experience with BAT VK-55?