BAT VK-55 monoblock retube

I am contemplating retubing my 55's. Do I replace with original tubes (Tube Man) or something else? Can I / should I use 55SE tubes? Could use some good advice. Thank you,
Bgmyers - The VK55 has 8 tubes - 4 6C33 tubes and 4 6SN7 tubes. Unlike the 55SE, it does not have any 6922 or 6H30 tubes. There are several good sources for 6C33 tubes online. The list of sources of 6SN7 tubes is endless - either NOS or new production, take you pick. Do some research here and on the ' Asylum in that regard. Good hunting.
for what it is worth, I bought a used VK-55 the other day that came with some vintage green label Sylvania 6SN7's and the previous owner said these sounded better than the stock Sovtek's.
For my 55 mono's I buy my 6C33's from Partsconnexion and the 6SN7/ 68HC where I can get a good price. Sylvania's are a good tube as well as the Raytheon. I drive "hot rodded" Soundlabs and the Raytheon 6SN7's are my preference.