BAT VK 600SE: SE vs. Balanced

I have read in the Positive Feedback Online review(s) of this amp that it was preferable to run it in balanced (XLR IC's) mode. So much so that one should not even consider purchasing the amp if one were to be running it single ended.

Well, my preamp is single-ended only (Herron VTSP-2). How much degradation would there be in running the BAT this way?

Kind of hard to quantify how much "degradation" you might experience in SE mode. BAT equipment is designed to perform its best in balanced mode, hence the name. Lower noise floor for one. Running a BAT amp in SE mode is a compromise, kind of like running economy tires on a Ferrari. The 600SE is a great amp. Get a BAT pre-amp and run it balanced into your amp and you will get the best out of it, for two reasons - synergy and balanced mode. Good luck.
Very simple answer: BAT (Balanced Aidio Technology) amplifiers are fully balanced. Thus, if you use single ended inpur you will use 50% of its signal path circuitry.

Only you can decide if its worth for you.
Bob - that is not correct. The internal circuit in that amplifier is fully differential, meaning 100% of it is working at any time. Even when given SE signal it will still process it in differential fashion. Of course ideally you should give it balanced signal for other reasons.


Victor Khomenko
Balanced Audio Technology