Battery power supply

Any comments on how this product might power a preamp, digital front end, or other? 

I cant find much info on the product.
To further, an internet search seems to stipulate that this is a lithium battery and a true sine wave output. But it seems that information is limited. And the advertisement that I linked may be wrong. 
PS Audio Power Plant might be a better choice for your front-end at home. But do consider 30 day return policy: listen for a few weeks with Power Plant on, then disconnect and listen again... It took me a few years to do so, and I sold it here within a month after going thru such non-scientific, non-ABX, or double-blind test. But the initial impression of getting a perfect sinewave for my player/hp amp was WOW!!! Then there was another Wow! when I got it out... 
Yes. Thank you. I have the ps p500 and the PS Audio power plant premiere. I like them. Unfortunately the p500 only has the pass through outlet working and the premiere has only one outlet working. It would be a pretty penny to fix both. 

I was was looking at this product as a way to get completely off the grid.