Battle of the BAT's, VK-60 vs. VK-220

My dealer has recomended BAT for my next amp. I am trying to figure out which is my best BAT, uhm bet (pun intended) He has helped me narrow it down to these two amps, a VK-60 or VK-200. I only want to purchase from him based on my past expereinces so these are the only two I will consider. Who has put the VK-60 head to head with the VK-200? I have a new pair of Von Schweikert VR4 jr's, Audible Illusions L1, Parasound transport with a Benchmark DAC & listen to rock & roll exclusively. I am replacing my McCormack DNA-1 with either amp. I tend to listen to my music at higher levels, about 90-100 db on average.

A nice tube amp intrigues me & later down the road I can purchase another one for a set of mono's. My worry is that the VK-60 will not have enough power & authority to drive the VR jr's to their potential.

I enjoy the bass slam a powerful solid state amp will give me. I have never heard a really good tube amp or any BAT product so I am a little aprehensive. He will allow me to return either so it won't be such a big risk, I'd only be out shipping. The solid state is apealing b/c of the extra power.

Tubes are romantic but will they cut the mustard with the kind of music I generally listen to driving a pair of 89db speakers? The VK-220 certainly has enough power but will I miss the "magic" of tubes? There are enough devotees to both sides so please let the battle begin!
I have owned a VK-60 and a VK-500w/bat pak and have listened to the VK-200 on a few occasions. I have yet to hear the newest BAT family of amps. Here's my take, the VK-60 will give you midrange with texture and detail no solid state amp will, it will have a natural presence on the higher frequencies. Where it will fall a little short is its control of bass, which ironically is what the ss amps will do better. I ran a pair of avalons(86dB at 4ohms) with the VK-60 with no problems at all, so you will be fine for a long time if you don't want to purchase a second amp for some time. These SS amps are good for ss amps, the smaller bat's are slightly more musical then the larger ones(that seems to be pretty typical with ss amps), they will control the speakers, power them with aplomb. You will lose some of the "magic" tube amps deliver, the euphonious glow(the texture, body and palpable sense) that simply will not be there with out the use of a tube amp. There is no maintnance to concern yourself with using SS, you don't have to think about tube rolling, or replacement. If your dealer has a VK-60 take one home and try it, for the prices they are selling for on the used market they are real bargin these days. I can not think of an amp that is as good for that kind of money- just make sure you get a later revision- board E or F I believe were the last two revisions made. If you really want to blast your speakers and let them crank, then tubes may not satisfy you the way SS amps will but its worth trying.

This is kind of ironical because I was talking to my dealer last week and we were discussing that the VK-60's are so good and are a steal now. He even felt they are better then the vk-75, in terms of transparency and musicality.
I've owned a vk 200 and a vk 60. At the time, I was using a vk 50se pre and Audio Physic Virgo speakers. Tireguy is pretty much right on. The vk60 will give you a midrange to die for. In terms of transparency, depth, image, tonality, etc.... The bottom will be a little looser than with the vk200. The vk60 on top is pretty darn good, the vk200 is close, however I pretty much had to leave it on 24x7 to get the top end close to the vk60.

Neither amp you'll go wrong with. However, the vk60 gives you some great upgrade paths. you can run them mono, double your power, which will increase your dynamics, bass control, image size and this set up will beat the solid state amp on bottom. You can also upgrade it to SE status, which dramitically improves the transparency through out the mids, bottom and top end, tightens up the bottom significanty, and better image size and depth.

VK60's are a steal used right now. The front 2 6sn7's are critical to sound quality, spend some money there on NOS, the other 6sn7's don't yield the same improvement...helps, but not worth spending a ton ...
Cdma I have never had an Aleph though they have always interested me- one day I'll get one and give it a shot.