Battle of the Open Baffles

Watching Jay's video today about the Maco Acoustics speakers, and saw the Caladan's late last year.  Seems like open baffle death match is brewing...


@willywonka  so I hear, but haven’t heard. Doubt they would be sufficient in a room of my size though.

As I have been preaching....he he....make your own Caladan or use a $50 planar instead of the $39 dome tweeter in the Caladan for less than $1500 using the worlds best parts and construction.  A simple version can be built in a day......Home Depot cuts the wood and all you have to do is jig saw some holes and screw it all together.....super easy.  I just ordered the woofs and planars and in a few weeks will have it all done and will have pics on my website and if it is as good as I imagine, I will invite serious bay area people over to listen (I am not making or selling speakers....just promoting the idea).  Info on my website.

If you like the Maggie's, Hollis Audio Labs is doing some real cool things using active crossovers and OB subs.


  "I just ordered the woofs and planars "                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Can you please advise on the woofer and tweeter model numbers and maybe provide a link in which I can find them for purchase? Thanks.