bc acoustique a3 speakers

Hi ...Does anyone have info about these speakers ?
They are not very well known here in the US. I have been told they are highly regarded in Europe.
Thank you
Rocky, I have heard them at the shows. The "French" sound, a little bass shy. Think Triangle, JM/Focal sound. Better sound than Triangle, better value than JM. Internally wired with TARA. Like more and more brands, distribution here has not been consistent. Call the US importer direct, a little pushy, but he knows this line well.
Hi - I've had a pair of the bookshelf speakers, the B1 for about 6 months and I couldn't be happier. Great resolution without being bright or fatiguing, handle dynamics well (I use them in a home theater set-up) and can play loutd w/o distortion. I consider them one of my better buys in the last few years and of course recommend them to others. I running them with a mid-priced marantz av receiver, so I've got a modest system at best - my point being they don't need ultra expensive electronics to sound well.