I have entered in to some dealings on Audio Asylum trader that are less than honorable......I made a deal with a established dealer to trade some rather expensive Atma-Sphere amplifiers for some basket case Altec amps.......After sending the well packed and insured amps , they where received in good order to the Audio Asylum dealer.......Keeping in mind that this dealer made no effort to ship my part of the deal during the week his amps were shipped....After no less than ten phone calls he tells me he doesn't know how to pack them, so I told him to take them to a "Pack and Ship" store and ship them....I would share the cost of shipping..........He has now fell off the face of the calls, no e-mails, no nothing......he will not answer the phone or in anyway communicate at all........Later this week I will put his Audio-Asylum business name on here.....What are your thoughts on this ???????  . 
JWMAZUR:   Thanks for your offer, I would to give this another day or to  see if Audio Asylum will do anything.....I don't think Audio Asylum could care less......Thanks again    Will
Autospec why is the title of your thread Be Careful of Dealings on Audio Asylum.  There is nothing wrong with that site, I've had a few dealings with Audio Asylum Trader that went very well.  Don't disparage Audio Asylum because of a bad actor there.  This could happen on Audio Circle, Audiogon, US Audiomart just as easily.
Jeff:   I have e-mailed Audio Asylum five times about this, and haven't got any help, so they don't seem to care that I'm going to lost 2000 - 3000 dollars on this deal.......I have been a member Audio Asylum for many years, you would think they could at least answer a e-mail.....You would think that they could police there own web-site.....I'm getting tired of crooks and spam operators......Think about it ??