I have entered in to some dealings on Audio Asylum trader that are less than honorable......I made a deal with a established dealer to trade some rather expensive Atma-Sphere amplifiers for some basket case Altec amps.......After sending the well packed and insured amps , they where received in good order to the Audio Asylum dealer.......Keeping in mind that this dealer made no effort to ship my part of the deal during the week his amps were shipped....After no less than ten phone calls he tells me he doesn't know how to pack them, so I told him to take them to a "Pack and Ship" store and ship them....I would share the cost of shipping..........He has now fell off the face of the calls, no e-mails, no nothing......he will not answer the phone or in anyway communicate at all........Later this week I will put his Audio-Asylum business name on here.....What are your thoughts on this ???????  . 
I would like to give this person every opportunity to get this right ..   I will have my lawyer contact the PD......All I want is what was in the deal, not to be friends with anyone......Just send me my amps....Will
I have given this person all the time in the world to get right with this transaction........He goes by "Lee of Omaha" on the Audio Asylum and owns a business in Papillion, NE.know as the Electron Addict......I will be filing some legal papers quickly........He also sells on e-bay, who I will also contact about this matter.........
I really hope this works out for you, I think you've waited more than long enough.  I'm curious, have you done many private deals up until now?  I think when one is 1st starting out, one wants to believe in the inherent goodness of man, allowing time, being ultra polite, almost experiencing disbelief when things head south.  The more experienced trader has less patience for BS, and moves quickly (immediately!) when the deal even sniffs funny!  I'm probably wrong but it almost seems like you didn't want to believe the guy was capable of ripping you off.  I'd advise going into ANY online transaction with yr eyes wide open and yr radar turned on.  Gotta listen to yr gut!;)
Well , I didn't wait long enough....Because he has just sent me the tracking numbers......There is a lesson here and a question to be answered....I waited 5 days without any connection with this person....Was that long enough, maybe ?? maybe not.......I would like to see some play on that.......Will 
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