I have entered in to some dealings on Audio Asylum trader that are less than honorable......I made a deal with a established dealer to trade some rather expensive Atma-Sphere amplifiers for some basket case Altec amps.......After sending the well packed and insured amps , they where received in good order to the Audio Asylum dealer.......Keeping in mind that this dealer made no effort to ship my part of the deal during the week his amps were shipped....After no less than ten phone calls he tells me he doesn't know how to pack them, so I told him to take them to a "Pack and Ship" store and ship them....I would share the cost of shipping..........He has now fell off the face of the calls, no e-mails, no nothing......he will not answer the phone or in anyway communicate at all........Later this week I will put his Audio-Asylum business name on here.....What are your thoughts on this ???????  . 
Sorry about the problem.

+1 on the “mean guys” visit. Why not rent a Lincoln Town Car, have them dress in black and white suits and all wear the same Maui Jim sun glasses? An interrogation by a squad of “Agent Smith” types should rattle his box...

Here’s your approach:
let's wait and see how they're pack and what state they're in when they arrive...…..
@autospec, I am glad that it looks like it will work out for you.  Getting a tracking number is a good start.  Please keep us informed.