Beatles CD box set

Hello all,

Normally a vinyl only guy, but looking to procure a CD Box Set to play with my wife.

Thinking of this :   The Beatles The U.S. Albums CD Box Set – The Beatles Official Store

Anybody have any experience with this or any CDs coming from this website.

Speakers are full range single driver, and headphone listening will be through a Stax rig, so if the CD mix is bright it will be tough to take.


TIA for any insight.

Cheers,          Crazy Bill



The 09 version isn't bad but I would be more inclined to purchase the latest remixes from Revolver on as I think they are so much better and maybe the Red double for earlier songs or the first 2 in mono and the 09 for the remainder. Hope that helps happy listening 

Just found a video on fake 2009 box sets.

How to tell the difference starts around 4:20.




I own the original box set and I have to say that the sound is fantastic.  I have a pretty good system, an Oppo 105D with a Hegel H360 and Raidho XT-2 speakers.  On "Girl", it seems as if John Lennon is in my room singing the song.  So I would not hesitate to grab the box set, IMO.


Don't the US versions have added reverb on the first few albums?  I know there were fewer songs per LP here and that there are a couple more albums in the full American set.  Through Revolver, at least, the stereo mixes were done with the US market in mind and were done quickly, resulting in some sloppiness and discrepancies here and there.  So the recently remixed Revolver, for instance, is probably a better listen than the original stereo mix.