Beatles CD box set

Hello all,

Normally a vinyl only guy, but looking to procure a CD Box Set to play with my wife.

Thinking of this :   The Beatles The U.S. Albums CD Box Set – The Beatles Official Store

Anybody have any experience with this or any CDs coming from this website.

Speakers are full range single driver, and headphone listening will be through a Stax rig, so if the CD mix is bright it will be tough to take.


TIA for any insight.

Cheers,          Crazy Bill



Hello Jay,

Is this the mono set you refer to, or an earlier edition.


Crazy Bill,

This looks like the box set of The Beatles in Mono I’m talking about. I bought mine at Borders on the day it was released, 9-9-09. I’m not aware of an earlier version.

I am also a huge Beach Boys’ fan, and I’ve come to the conclusion that Capitol Records committed many sins in turning the excellent mono versions of my favorite records from the 1960s into these awful fake stereo versions. Of course, on my childhood suitcase stereo, who could tell the difference?

Hope this helps.

The Beatles in Mono arrives tomorrow. I'll get back after I have a chance to listen.

Thanks to all for the help.

Cheers,           Crazy Bill


I am looking forward in reading more about your impressions/thoughts on

The Beatles In Mono.


Happy Listening!