Beatles Get Back documentary

Has anyone watched the Beatles Get Back documentary yet?  Unfortunately I don’t have a Disney subscription, but I may sign up to watch it.  Impressions?


It’s pretty established that Paul was the workaholic that kept things going as long as it did but the spark was no longer there as it had been during their peak just a couple years earlier.

I think the fact that they called it quits when they did after the spark was no longer there for all but still cranking out classics helped cement their incomparable legacy. Opposite of the The Stones who were happy to keep their thing going forever and get it back out on the road from time to time.

The footage was filmed 15 months before the break-up.  By the time the original film based on that footage came out, the dates were much closer.

Big Beatle fan here but, as I reach the 2 hr 15 minute point in installment 2, perhaps my predominant thought is, “Man oh Man, THIS is an overload of Beatles!”

Definitely going to see this through to the end credits on installment 3 but, IMO, there comes a point in time where the most die-hard Rembrandt fan would tire of watching video after video of him chatting with art dealers and rearranging his studio!

There was a great review of it in the San Francisco Chronicle this morning; I'll take that one with a bit of a grain of salt, as the reviewer considers 'Long and Winding Road' a 'masterpiece', while I regard it as maudlin schlock I'd be happy to never hear again. Paul's got a whole lot of masterpieces, but this one, not so much, at least for me....