Beatles Love, should I run?

I am considering the purchase of the Beatles Love album on vinyl.

Sometimes when I hear songs that are not in their original format I prefer the original but this has gotten such universal praise that I wonder if maybe I would like it.

Who has heard this and what do you think?

I welcome any comments..

I have it on DVD-Audio. I've enjoyed the disc immensely, and I think it's because the mixes are tasteful, engaging, and creative. In other words, they could have basically just botched it like some dime-a-dozen club DJ screwing around with mixes for the hell of it, but I thought they remastered the material in a very clever and worthwhile manner.

The sonics, on the DVD-A at least, are beyond reproach.
I just got the vinyl the other day, and I'm thinking at this early stage that it is lots of fun. I was born in the late 1950s, and consequently grew up with most of the original songs as the soundtrack to my youth. That said, I do not see them as sacred texts, not to be toyed with. This record is worth owning, doing the songs -- and The Beatles -- justice. More than once on the first listen I found myself smiling at one juxtaposition or another. And then at the tunes themselves. I'm recommending it. It is meant to be fun, and it achieves that in spades. Now, if only someone would do the same thing with Dylan ...