Beatles Mono Boxes Good news more on the way

Due to increased demand they are making Thousands more Mono sets available in the USA .Amazon and other Online stores sold out but many retail stores still have inventory.Don't pay high prices for them thinking they are Rare or unavailable.Set sold yesterday 9/12 on Agon for $200.JD
Don't pay high prices to greedy people for these sets.They are NOT Rare.........JD
Will the high demand for the MONO old 60's masters make record labels think again about the poor quality of modern "state of the art" compressed & loud sounding pop music that they sell?

Duh? Wake up call! Perhaps there is a reason for declining sales. Perhaps people don't feel like plonking down $12 bucks for modern pop CD's with heavy handed "hot" mix/mastering by the likes of Butch Vig...
My God, Shadorne I hope so. I really do. This release (I'm talking about the mono) shows that great music can be mastered correctly and people will buy it. They don't need to be compressed and maximized within an inch of their life. (Listening to the tablas and the sitar on "Within You, Without You" on the mono Pepper - so lovely).